Want permanent tattoos but can’t commit (yet)? Temporary tattoos may be your solution.

Both permanent and temporary tattoos have evolved to be major player in our expressive culture, and more and more people want in. We all have that friend who spontaneously gets a tattoo. You’re impressed at their fast decision-making skills, find yourself saying “I actually really like it!”, and then start thinking about the tattoo you’d get…‘Yes!’ You are totally going to get that.


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You love your new tattoo idea, and know that if it lingers long enough in your head you really just may do it. So you reason it away – “I love the look, but will I love it years from now?”


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If you want a tattoo but can’t bring yourself to get a permanent one just yet, you have 2 options: stick-ons and hennas. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each:

1. Stick-On Tattoos

A great option for the (very) young at heart. Who doesn’t remember putting on one of these temporary tattoos at a birthday or slumber party?


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These non permanent tattoos are definitely a cool kid’s staple accessory, but calling them “tattoos” is a stretch. If a design lasts for only 1-3 days, it’s really a glorified sticker. Yes, designs have gotten better through the years, but lick n’ stick tattoos don’t satisfy those who want longer lasting and personalized body art.

2. Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are great if you’re looking for a slightly longer lasting option. Seriously talented henna artists can make beautiful designs that last 1- 3 weeks.


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Henna tattoos’ short lifespan make them great for special occasions. But what if you want a 3-month tattoo or a 6-month tattoo? Reapplying a henna tattoo constantly is a pain, and the health risks and infections are a major turn off. If you’re looking to keep a design for a longer period of time or looking to try out a tattoo before you fully commit for life, these temporary tattoos really aren’t the best option.


But What if We Want Longer Lasting Tattoos Made by an Actual Tattoo Artist?

If you’re thinking, “These are my options?!”, we get your frustration! If you want a legitimate tattoo that exactly matches your tattoo vision and lasts a long time (just not forever), these two options just don’t make the cut.

We Got Your Back

Ephemeral Tattoos decided to take matters into our own hands and fix this issue. Because we didn’t want to give you a superficial, watered down version of a tattoo, we’ve devoted the past three years to bring you the real deal: 3 month tattoos, 6 month tattoos, and 1 year tattoos.

We are not stick ons. We are not temporary tattoos. And we are definitely not for kids.

Our tattoo ink will allow you to freely decorate yourself with the art you love by your favorite tattoo artists. We use traditional tattooing methods and our disappearing tattoo ink will give you the freedom to have a tattoo that naturally fades over an extended period of time. That means no painful laser removal, no stick ons, and best of all – no ragrats. #noragrats

Ephemeral tattoos will be available in Summer 2018 in NYC. Check out our site and join our mailing list to find out when we’ll be in your city.

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